Sybase DataWindow .NET

Sybase DataWindow .NET 9.0

DataWindow .NET is a 4GL RAD product for aiding .NET application development
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DataWindow .NET is a 4GL RAD product that helps boost performance of .NET application development by rapidly building and deploying data driven applications, easily incorporating complex business rules and delivering sophisticated data presentation. DataWindow .Net includes hundreds of built-in functions, properties and declarative programming options, providing developers with high levels of productivity in a virtually code-free tool. The new WebForms for ASP.NET and Microsoft handwriting recognition support makes adding complex forms and signature recognition to application an easy task.

DataWindow .NET provides a set of plug-ins that enable developers to create their DataWindows inside of Visual Studio .NET without ever having to leave the IDE. And, with a new Web services DataWindow, you can easily access, manipulate and display data from Web services.

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